Execution Essay: The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

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The topic that I plan to focus on for this particular writing assignment is the event of Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is a harbor in Oahu, Hawaii that is the location of a major naval base, but during World War II the Japanese surprised the United States with a bombing of Pearl Harbor. This particular event fascinates me in various ways. One major reason I am intrigued by this topic is I personally am in the military and this is a particular event that rarely happens, and that is a full on military attack on United States soil. Another reason is because it helped to unite the American people behind going to war and eliminate the Japanese for causing this tragedy. I know a few things from common knowledge about this topic. Some information that I know about Pearl Harbor is it was the first major scale attack on United States soil since the Civil War. I know that is was early…show more content…
One of those things would be understanding more of the details on exactly what happened on the morning of the Pearl Harbor bombing. I also will need to research exactly how the American people and the current President reacted to this after the information had spread back to the rest of the United States. The intended purpose of this paper is to help me personally and the reader get a better understanding on what happened on the horrific day Pearl Harbor was bombed, as well as how United States was able to triumph from this tragedy. The intended audience is anybody who is interested in this event or how America reacted to the bombing. This topic is so important to the history of the United States, as it was a major wake up call for America and saw the United States unite like never before. The main reason is men and women in the military died on the horrific morning, as well as the military personnel that died getting justice for Pearl Harbor deserve to be remembered and talked
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