Executive Branch Vs Presidential Power

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One absolute similarity with these two articles covering the executive branch on the presidential power both claim that President Bush and President Obama use of their powers for their own advantage, or at a higher extent of what they are given in Article II of the Constitution. In my opinion, the power of the U.S. president should not be lessened for presidents later on down the line. Congress allows a lawless executive branch- or lose authority as is, if more was added restricting the president to his constitutional powers, is there a point to a president? In the article Obama is not a Monarch, Ted Cruz explains the president’s executive amnesty; calling it a lawless executive branch. As well as in the article The Founders’ Great Mistake by Steve …show more content…

The constitution was created to implicate a system of checks and balances for the nation, and the president ruling executive amnesty for immigrants, is an illegal unilateral dictating from the White House; which would completely underline the rule of law. Not to mention, Article II of the Constitution makes sure the presidential power to be respected, “if the president won’t respect the people, congress must,” says Ted Cruz. Furthermore, no ambiguity; disputes between Obama and the American people, as conflicts continued democrats suffered during midterm election losing seats due to the prospect of executive amnesty. If the president wants change in the law, he must compromise with congress; it is a requirement within the law of the Constitution. Congress holds the position as a representative for the people, they must use every tool available to prevent presidents from subverting the law.

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