Executive Summary : Kansas Building Industry Workers Compensation Fund

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Kansas Building Industry Workers Compensation Fund (KBIWCF) is a group self-insurance fund, this means that insureds are pooling their dollars with other members of the fund. Many of the insured’s lack a strong safety culture and in turn it ends up costing them and the KBIWCF unnecessary claims expenses. Requiring the insured’s of KBIWCF to Physical Capacity Profile test their employees would strengthen the insureds safety culture. KBIWCF’s mission is: “To operate a financially sound, member driven organization which will provide competitively priced Workers Compensation Insurance and related services, be efficiently managed and equitably rated, and provide superior service for the construction industry”. Currently there are an estimated 600 policy holders that pay in around $10,000,000 in premium a year and have an average claims expense of $6,000,000. KBIWCF is domiciled in Kansas and the members are made up of employers in the construction industry, specifically residential and small commercial artisan contractors. KBIWCF has twelve employees, underwrites all applications submitted by agents, services all existing accounts, and handles all claims in house. At the present time KBIWCF is contracting out loss control services to a Safety Consulting vendor. One of the services KBIWCF offers is a lower cost for Physical Capacity Profile Testing, or commonly known as PCP testing. A sample PCP test result can be found in the appendices under

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