Executive Summary: Starting A Home Candle Company

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The economy seems to be hurting a lot of people. You could be an executive or a blue-collar worker. It doesn't matter; every job is at risk these days. To protect yourself against unemployment, you may want to take a look at starting your own home business to give you the extra boost you may be looking for. This simple candle guide will give you some great ideas! One of the first things to do is to find a product that is highly marketable and that is consuming. Find a product that people will buy again and again. Did you know that candles are a 2 plus billion dollar industry and growing? 80% of homes use scented candles on a daily basis. With these facts, starting a home candle business can create huge profits and start you on your way to…show more content…
The organization does most of the work, all you have to do is put together a packet for them to take a look at. Some people get tired of the same old thing and with candles, it creates an affordable product with a large profit margin. For long term income, make sure your company has sponsoring and team building. By using this concept, you can build a long lasting residual income, just like Actors and Rock Stars do that will lead you up the financial ladder that is unbelievable. Building your own business with candles is a big decision but I hope that by reading this candle guide has given you great ideas to make a choice that could change your whole life. Do you want to change your life? This could be the way to live your dreams with a Home Candle Business. Many people have uncomplicated needs (or wants) for their home networks. Even though 80% of users have multiple computers within a single home, many of these users don't even network the systems together. Their file transfers are usually done by means of "sneaker net", or copying files to and from a USB/CD or by sending the file(s) through…show more content…
"Other contractors, prior to the Oakland Hills fire, were building one or two homes per year. After the fire, they were building 10-15 homes per year, and the quality went down. Some just got too big too fast. You want to be sure the contractor has been doing what they will be doing for you, and remember that there is a 12-year statute of limitations on construction defects liability." Tuck notes that, when soliciting bids, you can specify that the contractor will use a particular sub-contractor you trust. "For instance, our customers could say to a general contractor, I'd like a bid, and you have to use Atlas Heating for the HVAC' [Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning]," Tuck explains. "If you have someone you trust who does a particular job, don't be afraid to require them as a sub-contractor when you seek bids." Lastly, Tuck says homeowners should not be afraid of using union contractors. "Homeowners worry when they hear the phrase 'union contractor', because they think they are going to pay too much -- but it couldn't be more different than that," he says. "With union contractors, you have people who are well-trained. The estimate is accurate. The work is done well, and on budget. It is the poorly trained contractor who will provide a bad estimate and, in the long run, prove to be more
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