Executive Summary. This Report Provides The Strategy De

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Executive Summary
This report provides the strategy De Mar’s current strategy to achieve competitive advantage, their three most important operations management decisions, and what they can do improve their most important operations management decisions.
De Mar distinguishes itself from other HVAC and plumbing companies through customer service, cost, and response. This gives De Mar a unique approach to their service industry.
While each of the 10 Operations Management Decisions are important, De Mar utilizes design of goods and services, human resources and job design, and scheduling to improve their strategy of unapparelled customer service. Improving the three Operations Management Decisions will ensure that they can maintain their …show more content…

Competing on response can help establish a competitive advantage, which provides the customer with a perception of increased customer service.
Companies like De Mar that offer differentiation, low cost, and response to their customers can establish a competitive advantage. With the proper execution, their business will become sustainable and have perceived added value from a customer.
Three Important Operations Management Decisions
Design of goods and services is very important for De Mar. De Mar is in the business service sector of HVAC or plumbing. Their differentiation is provided through the service of being available that day or even at two a.m. in the morning if needed. The design of their afterhours and same day service provides the customer with a guaranteed product quality and integral customer value.
Human resources and job design in De Mar is established around the policy of solving the customer’s problems and leaving them satisfied with their product and service. De Mar establishes a high level of competence in their personnel through selective hiring and continuous education. There is also extra compensation and promotions for personnel who include this strategy of service to the customer (Heizer et al, 227). You must have reliable personnel to go to a house at three a.m.
Scheduling is imperative to provide the service De Mar aims for. They must schedule properly to meet the demands of the customer. Implementing short term or intermediate

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