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Name Professor Course Date Leadership Styles Used by Conrad Hilton Conrad Nicholson Hilton was an American hotelier and founder of the Hilton Hotel chain (Alef 2009). Hilton was born on 25th December 1887 in the city of San Antonio, New Mexico Territory. His father, Augustus Halvorsen Hilton, was an immigrant from Norway and his mother, Mary Genevieve, was an American of German descent and a devout catholic. He had eight siblings; Eva Hilton, Felice Hilton, Carl Hilton, Rosemary Hilton, Helen Hilton, Julian Hilton, Baron Hilton, and August Hilton (San Angelo LIVE! Magazine 2007). Conrad Hilton attended Gross military which is currently known as New Mexico Military Institute and St. Michael`s College which is currently known as the …show more content…

His key traits were determined, visionary, risk taker, tenacious, dedicated, high energy, caring, conscientious, motivated, persistent, and ambitious. Conrad Hilton recognized the importance of individuals in the realization of success. He took a personal interest in all of his followers by paying attention to their concerns and mentoring them (Alef 2009). He encouraged two-way communications between him and his followers to allow the people to express their views. He tolerated differences among the employees and delegated most of the work to others. This leadership style is important as it takes into consideration individual views of every person and makes the employees feel valued (Eeden et al. 2008). Globalization has led to the establishment of multinational companies that draw their employees from different backgrounds. There is need for leaders to understand their followers and tolerate their differences for the success of the entire team. Hilton also inspired his followers towards the attainment of common goals through a shared vision. He gave the employees a sense of belonging by motivating them to continuously focus on company goals. His wide experience in politics, military, and the entrepreneurial skills that he learned at his father`s store was a great inspiration to his subordinates. The Hilton employees viewed Conrad as a role model due to the high moral standards that he exercised. Hilton

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