Exegesis Of Revelations 3 : 14-22 Essay

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Evangel University EXEGESIS OF REVELATIONS 3:14-22 An Exegetical Paper Presented to Dr. Vincent Medina In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in BIBL 296 Sophomore Seminar By Colton Henning November 2016 Introduction Revelation 3:14-22 starts with John’s presentation of Jesus’s judgements and anger toward a spiritually indifferent community. The chapter is constructed of various letters that were written to address issues in churches throughout the land. A key idea that is introduced in Revelation 3:18 is that God desires people to “buy from me gold refined from the fire” so that they may become rich. The believers of Laodicea were affluent, but blind to their spiritual needs and had become apathetic. God’s act of rejecting them is a result of prosperity that was given and the self-deception that was given into.2 God’s desire to have them next to him was shown by his grace and the opportunity to rise from their sins to sit next to their King. Contextual Analysis Revelation 3:14-22 is written by John to believers in Laodicea who have become prosperous and complacent towards God. Verses 14-22 give a correction so that the people of Laodicea have a better comprehension of how their greed and spiritual lethargy have caused them to become separated from God.3 The context of this letter by John is important because it relates the mistakes of Laodicea’s people to their livelihood allowing for easier understanding. It is alluding the sins to common dining

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