Exegetical Paper On Jeremiah 31-31

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I chose Jeremiah 31:31-37, and to be honest I do not know why. I found it during my initial research, and I thought it looked like it would be an easy section of scripture to tear apart. I think I was drawn into it because it was full of promises from God, and it is a giant decree from the Lord. While the passage seems fairly easy to understand on the surface, I quickly realized that there was a lot more under the surface.
Discovering The Text Jeremiah was a prophet from 628 - 580 BC. This means that most of his writings took place during the final siege of Jerusalem. Most of the book, Jeremiah is calling the nation of Judah to repent, and then announcing the exile to Babylon. However, chapter 31 takes a drastic change. Chapter 31 is all about Restoration and the New Covenant. In the first Thirty verses of Chapter 31 The Lord is promising to return His nation to the promised land after the exile in
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It is the first place in the Old Testament that the “New Covenant” is mentioned. This covenant would be to the whole, reunited nation of Israel. This New Covenant was when what God agreed to do in Genesis 3 became a reality in that this new covenant would be sealed with the blood of Jesus, who is the only mediator between God and his people. It has been called “the Gospel before the Gospel” because it is the closest approach to the New Testament faith in the Old Testament.
Often times, Bible commentators have said that this section of scripture is the apogee of Jeremiah’s spiritual journey. It is also one of the most moving and profoundest passages in the Bible.
This passage comes at a very important time for Jeremiah and the Jews. The covenant had caved in because the people habitually broken it. Because of this, a question had arose, how can a holy God maintain a relationship with a sinful nation that had been deprived of a country and then sent into captivity? There was only one solution: a New
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