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Primary Data: Conducted a study about the topic with Metropolitan Eximchem. Ltd a leading exporter of chemicals to know exactly what role the Bank plays. Interacted with the professional people to receive the documents as well as some insight view of the topic

2. Secondary Data: Collected from the books in the library and visited various internet sites. Newspapers articles are also be taken to receive the up to data facts.

Chapter Scheme

Chapter no: 1
The chapter says about the objective of doing the project, the various sources from which the data is been collected and the method of research applied.

Chapter no: 2
The chapter speaks about the meaning of International trade, its concept and its growth both from the global perspective and in the Indian perspective. It also deals about the risk in foreign trade.

Chapter no: 3
The chapter is about Indian Trade its volume and its position in international trade.

Chapter no. 4
The chapter is about the two apex financial institutions that provide financial assistance to the International trade. These two institutions are EXIM Bank & ECGC

Chapter no. 5
The chapter is all about the Export & Import. It contains the procedure, finance and the documentation related to both the component.

Chapter no. 6
This chapter deals with various nationalized and private banks that provide various facilities to the Importer as well as to the Exporter.

Chapter no. 7
This chapter contains a case of a

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