Existential Protest In Brave New World

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Existential protest is the rejection of any destiny a person does not want for him or herself. It is denying the right of any negativity or dreary repetition in one’s life to take over one’s mindset. It is “that return, that pause” at the top of the hill in Sisyphus’ story, wherein there is hope, joy, and a sense of accomplishment. Though they are small and fleeting, these moments in life, these turns at the top of the hill, are what assign meaning to the human existence. They have to be enough, or else life has no point, no reward, and no hope: a truth that would be unbearable. For example, in Brave New World the characters think they are “happy,” but this is not true. This life does not appear desirable to the reader because there is no struggle and no ambition. There is no existential protest, no turning point of hope or joy. There is instead a flat line of numbness which people believe to be happiness, but there can be no happiness without struggle. Life is supposed to have highs and lows and humans are not made to be happy at all times. It is in the struggle that joy can be found, and since this brave new world exists with no struggles, there is no true happiness, however fleeting it may be, either. …show more content…

They have accepted their fates instead of accepting the struggle, and thus end “not with a bang but with a whimper.” They have no hope or sense of importance because they have not chosen to fight. They forfeited the struggle and therefore the reward, a memorable life, as

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