Existentialism : A Philosophical Theory Essay

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What is existentialism? Existentialism is a philosophical theory that emphasizes the existences of one against it 's freedom of choice and will. It is also interpreted that humans come into the world without a nature. Humanity has no universal established in advance principles or ethics common to all of humankind. Since there is no preformed essence or definition exists of what is means to "be human," a person must form its own conception of any existence by maintaining the actions of and responsibility for its actions and choices. Consequently, a human being gains his/her essence through individual choices and actions. It is simply through the process of living life that one can define only itself. Existence in one does not include the consequence one will make.When we are created in the world we are created without knowledge , we are produce to learn things throughout life and chose the way and how we are going to live our lives. We have no choice but to make our decisions for ourselves even if they are morally incorrect. The acceptance of one’s decision will maintain on what happened to and how one interpret the outcome. Though when humans are morally incorrect, we are unlikely to admit it.Another concept of existentialism is resentment , the resentment of one of it 's past cannot be ignored though one future can change. In No exit by Jean- Paul Sartre each character is placed in the same room with no way out, it introduces existentialism in many ways.

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