Exotic Animals Research Paper

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Exotic animals are known to be dangerous predators. They travel across vast areas and take every opportunity to devour their prey. Meanwhile, the average pet gets out of its cage and consumes a small meal provided by its owner. The pet is certainly easier to manage than the exotic creature. However, some people own and keep said exotic animals as pets. This decision is an enormous risk to the owner and the animal in captivity. Owning an exotic pet can be harmful to the owner. Even as cubs, the animals are extremely unpredictable. According opt the article, "They are wild animals with wild animal instincts, even when born in captivity." (Lewis, lines 39-40). These beasts were not designed to live in a confined area. Also, if these animals were to escape from their owners, it would result in the public being harmed. Keeping an exotic animal can pose a threat to its owner and their wallet. Owning a wild animal is expensive and the creature requires an immense amount of care. The author from the article, “Do You Really Want a Baby Tiger?" claims that," …show more content…

The excerpt provided by the article "Rexano" states "1.5 people on average gets killed yearly by captive reptile, 1 by captive big cat, [and] 0.81 by captive elephant; As comparison, 45,000 people die each year in traffic accidents, 47 from lightning, and 1,600 by falling downstairs." (Rexano, 11-16). Although the statistics could be true, the average death rate regarding the exotic animals will skyrocket if more of these creatures are introduced as pets.

In summary, owning an exotic pet should not be allowed considering that it is quite expensive to manage one. It is also deleterious to the animal if its needs are not met. Additionally, the animal can rebel due to being malnourished and harm the public. These vicious predators should be able to roam grand areas instead of being confined into a measly

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