Expansion Of The English Expansion Essay

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The expansion of the English was considered to be of several reasons. One being that of the civil war in England and another for pure power. I believe the main reason is what most things are related to and that is money. The war over power in England left some of the people with the desire to be ruled by a republic government and not a king. This caused the English to establish even more control over the people and caused some to resist even more. Furthermore the English settlements began to establish proprietary colonies and this was the main reason for the British expansion in the Americas. With the expansion of the colonies in Americas being driven by power and greed, it expanded the land ownership for the friends of Kings Charles II, it …show more content…

Most of the Indians were wiped out from disease alone, nearly three quarters of them, but the Pequot was able to survive. This lead to the elimination of the whole tribe, and the English killed all men, woman and children of the tribe, believing it was the will of the Lord. The English or colonist had many people that were indentured servants who had agreed to be indentured for the promise of land or the payment of the cost of coming to the new world. Most of the indentured servitude period was for five to seven years. The desires of the indenture servant to be a land owners was so strong that they would do almost anything to obtain land, even kill their English masters once freed (Schultz, p.54, 2009). Many died and some just ran away never to be seen again. The labor demands grew and Europe’s desire to have trade with Africa for slave labor began the ownership of slaves of America in 1630’s. The economy improved with the English and fewer people agree to indentured servitude, making the demand for enduring slavery great. This was the end of indentured servitude, and the beginning of race dependent slavery and true ownership of slaves. Laws were passed that every African female slave that gave birth set the condition of the child. If the mother was a slave then the child would be a slave for life also and was owned by the mothers

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