Expansion Of Westward Expansion

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Expansion...the action of becoming larger or more extensive. When looking back to the 1800s, we can see Westward Expansion as a great part of our American History. Manifest Destiny paved the way for many of the decisions society made during this day and age. It was believed that it was our nation's God-given right to expand to into westward lands. With the modernization of the Transcontinental Railroad, we as a nation were able to fulfill our ¨destiny.¨ In that came great accomplishments along with many downfalls others faced. For these times will eventually lead to who we are today. Construction of the Transcontinental railroad began in the early 1860s. The federal government assigned the task of two companies connecting the nation from coast to coast. These companies were known as the Union and Central Pacific. With miles of tracks to lay down, both companies struggled with a number of workers needed to complete such a task. Soon after both would turn to the use of an immigrant workforce. The Chinese, for instance, were one of the main contributors to railroad we speak of today. In fact, two-thirds of the employees were hard working Chinese men. Laying forty-two miles of track down and drilling 2.6 miles of tunnels through the Santa Cruz Mountains was, believe it or not, extensive work the Chinese had to encounter. While working, they contributed muscle, sweat, and even their lives. For every mile laid, one Chinese would face death. This then leads to the

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