Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed- A Violation of Free Speech

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After reviewing the film Expelled no intelligence allowed I was taken back by the whole idea of people being terminated from their jobs for mentioning intelligent design. When Ben Stein would question people about the subject of intelligent design they would say they are no such thing and reply with if people want to educate their children they will not mention this again. They would reply it is nothing but a waste of time and energy. It was like they were pushing God away from the subject as well as the schools. This to me is so very wrong. I do not agree with it nor understand why people are acting this way toward the subject in a public settings when there is supposed to be free speech and free will, but this film has proved otherwise. It not only proved it, but it showed how people who do speak their minds are being treated after they do, and it is not fair nor is it right.
People in the film continuously say the bible does not fit in the intelligent design and change the subject to something else. In my opinion the film was just Ben Stein going from scientist to scientist sitting and questioning their theory on intelligent design. Throughout the film he would also question professors from collages about their feeling or thought on the subject. The professors who were terminated for even mentioning intelligent design were very upset because they felt they were black marketed left unable to find work in the same field they were in before they were caught talking

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