Explain Factors That May Lead to Abusive Situations.

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P3 – Explain factors that may lead to abusive situations. There are certain groups of individuals that appear to be most at risk of abuse than others, and therefore more vulnerable. Vulnerable adults can be abused in different ways for different reasons. Individuals who are most at risk are adults that have learning and physical difficulties. This can be because they have difficulty communicating and with their interaction; and do not understand the differences between right and wrong – some adults with autism may experience this. This can lead to individuals taking advantage of them, and manipulating the vulnerable adult into thinking that this situation is normal, so they are not aware that abuse and exploitation is taking place.…show more content…
Vulnerable individuals are abused for many different reasons, the abuser may have grown up amongst a family of abusers, so abusive situations are normal for them. Even though they are aware it is bad, inflicting pain on others could be seen as normal. Abuse can be induces by stress and frustration, such as personal problems they bring to work, or frustration that the service user is incapable and dependent on them for every day tasks. The type of abuse may vary, depending on the personal problems of the individual. For example; a carer who is struggling financially may financially exploit the person they are careing for. Abuse can be targeted at and happen to anyone, whether it is physical, emotional, sexual and financial. Whether this has happened as a one off occurrence or repeatedly, there are a variety of reasons why an individual may not disclose the abuse they have suffered. For example, an adult that is mentally ill but is suffering from abuse may not have the confidence or ability to inform people of their abuser. They might even consider their abuser as a ‘friend’ because they have been manipulated to think so. They might even blame themselves for the abuse that is being inflicted on them or are being threatened by the abuser to keep it a private matter. Abuse and neglect can happen in ways that people surrounding may not be aware. This could be in the instance of a carer neglecting the service user by manual handling them roughly and
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