Explain How A Camera Are Used In Media

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In this report it will focus on how a camera takes pictures and will show how digital photographs are used in media and discuss how they are used in different sectors and why they are used in the different sectors.

Capturing image
A camera is operated and images are captured with a few features in a DSLR the capturing features include the aperture which controls the amount of light that the camera uses it is measured in f/10 which is 10mm and f/20 being 5mm. A camera also uses a view finder which is at the back of the camera and when you look through it, it will show what you will take the picture of. Another feature of a camera is an image sensor which converts optical image into an electrical image. In addition another …show more content…

Finally there is a SD card which requires no internet however storage fills very quickly also there is no backing without an SD card. A benefit to using an SD card is that you can change them quickly and can take multiple SD cards to a place or shoot.

There are only a few types of different support, hand held where you hold the camera used mainly for shots where you don’t need to hold it very still and don’t want to have too much detail in it. Another way that cameras can be takes is with a tripod which will be used when shooting wildlife photos as it will be more still and focused. In addition you can also use a monopod for capturing other types of shots where it can be used on the move if they need to change angle quickly also different shots need different angles and will need to be more still than others.

Camera types
There are many different types of cameras main ones being automatic or manual. A manual camera is when you have to adjust settings yourself like adjust focus lighting weather flash is on or not. Automatic is when the camera will change its focus and will adjust itself to the lighting and will put flash on if needed. Advantages to using these cameras will be an automatic can take pictures quicker for example wildlife photos as the camera will adjust itself however, a manual camera takes longer but will be better as you can adjust it to how you will want the

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