Explain How the Nazi Party Developed Between 1924 and 1929

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Explain how the Nazi party developed between 1924 and 1929.

In the early years when the party was called the DAP no one would have thought it would become any major driving force but only a short lived Stammtisch creation. When there greatest gem in the form of Hitler resigned and was put in jail it looked bleak for the now new NSDAP. When he was released the party was in shambles, there were divisions among the party itself and membership was on the decline and Germany found itself in political and economic calm.

Mein Kampf which was later to become the bible of Nazism was published in 1924. Hitler wrote this in jail so he had a slot of time to reflect on what direction he wanted he wanted to take the party on. It provides the basic …show more content…

The Nazis like many movements of their time started organisations for many aspects of life the most notable the, Hitler youth, Nazi teachers’ organisation, union of Nazi lawyers and the order of German women. This shows that the Nazis wanted a totalitarian state and re-developed and re-organised during the 1924-1929 period to start this. In 1925 the SS were

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