Explain The Importance Of The Following Items From The Story

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Explain the importance of the following items from the story. 1: Halloween. 2: Yellow Folder. 3: Ponytail, Poodle skirt, and Saddle Shoes. 1: Halloween. Halloween adds to the story by being a known scary holiday, and it is the same day the Virginia Reynolds dies in a hit and run accident. without this day, the story would not by as interesting. 2: The yellow Folder. The yellow folder is a record of Virginia's school history If this item were excluded from the story, the teacher would not know that he was from 1956, or that she had died. 3: Ponytail, Poodle skirt, and Saddle Shoes. These items ( all worn together) are part of the 50's fashion trend. They also describe Virginia Reynolds appearance, because she is a girl form the
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