Explain What Does Basketball Mean To Me Essay

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Basketball means more than simply the act of playing for me, I often use it as a social crutch and to escape from the real world for a while. Meeting new people has always been a struggle, and I attribute that to my shyness during social situations. Shooting hoops is to me as golf is to numerous adults. It’s a fantastic way to establish yourself with people without feeling pressured to keep a conversation flowing. As a result, while playing basketball, awkward silences become just silences, because nobody’s primary focus is on the discussion. I actually thrive socially when I’m not being pushed to conduct a lengthy conversation. Loads of acquaintances have turned into long term friends through shooting hoops, and to this day, whenever I need to familiarize myself with someone I suggest playing a little ball. …show more content…

Returning to our usual court to play made everything back to normal immediately. Basketball hasn’t just helped me find friends, it’s helped to find the right friends. You want friends who share the same passion and drive as you. Last winter when I suggested shoveling off a court to play on, I was nervous that they would laugh at my idea. Cold Minnesota temperatures fall below zero quite often, hence shoveling would mean an hour of freezing hands. Luckily for me, I’ve found the right friends through basketball and they were all more than willing to help prepare the court to play on. I also use Basketball as an escape pod from everything happening around me. Over anxiousness concerning a plethora of situations has crippled me countless times. In life there are always moments when dropping everything will be beneficial. Consequently, I find myself dropping all my homework and stress for a half hour each night to spend quality time with my basketball

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