Explain Why Athletes Should Not Take Responsibility For Athletes

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Athletes should take responsibility for their actions off the fields. The phrase taking ownership of what you are doing, what are you going to do. For example, if someone says, take responsibility to an athlete that just was caught doings drugs. It means for the athletes think about how people are going to look at you from now on and what they going to do about it. Like what peters father said peter about his spider man, “with great power come great responsibility”. Another definition to be responsible is that to know what you are going to be, the person that no one likes and no one will ever look up to you or be the person that everyone looks up to and loves.
One example of an athlete that did not take responsibility was Michel Vick. Back in 2009, he was caught dog fighting. From a website called animal legal defenses, it said that …show more content…

For example, super bowls, Sunday games, and events, world cup, etc. They also should take responsibility because kids look up to them. Athletes should beware that whatever they do could end up with the kid doing the same.
It all started with it is just being for fun. Then someone thought to make it a competitive sport. Then there was a demand for athletes to become better, stronger and faster, so athlete thought to begin to use steroids and other methods. Then other people then got cocky and started doing bad things because they were athletes. The furthest records that are new goes to the incident when Michel Vick.
Athletes have been caught doing things that help with winning games like steroids, or enhancement drugs. Today there are other athletes that do bad things like alcohol, drugs, or crime, dirking, drugs are some things that drive athletes to do bad things There are camps and institutes that help with sportsmanship and other problems. The first thing to do about this is to get stricter rules and to make the athletes obey the

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