Explain Why I Want To Be A Pediatrician

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Through my experiences as a patient and through the activities I have participated in, I realized I have a strong interest in pediatrics. My interest was sparked by my interactions with my pediatrician, Dr. Gomez. Seeing Dr. Gomez’s impact on my family and I, I recognized that I want to work with children and their families. Becoming a pediatrician will allow me to practice in fields that resonate with my personal desire to become a doctor that can heal and teach, practicing primary care and preventative medicine. In addition, I am interested in working with patients long-term. As a pediatrician, I can care for patients from birth through adolescence. By working with children, I can practice in a setting that requires mastery of communication and …show more content…

Being in an urban hospital will allow me to develop my skills as a physician through interacting with a diverse group of patients, each with unique backgrounds and health obstacles. Urban centers are a hub for underserved patients, so working in an urban hospital will fulfill my desire to work with the underserved. Being a first generation American, and recognizing the impact my pediatrician had on my family’s understanding of medicine and health, I also want to work with minority patients. After working in a hospital, I would like to open a private or group practice, giving me more flexibility on how I operate the clinic. I would like to open a clinic close to my own community, servicing those directly around me. While working in a private practice, I would also like to dedicate my time to volunteer in clinics designed to provide low-cost or free primary care to poorer communities. By doing this, I hope to be able to use my free time to provide low cost medical care to communities burdened by financial issues. In addition, by volunteering in a volunteer-based clinic, I would be able to work during non-traditional work-hours, which can better accommodate underserved

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