My Professional Goals Essay

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Choosing a career in medicine is my first career choice, and in many ways it is the only career choice I want. From professional athletes that we see on television, to the educators that have taught me and many others through the years, they all have committed themselves to extensive study. They have practiced countless of hours to master their individual skill set for their profession. I see myself following in the same footsteps, but as a pediatrician. I want to also master the skills that it takes to be a great doctor. It may not be simple and the outcome may not be near, but with extensive studying and practice I want to achieve and master the set of skills of pediatric diagnosis and eventually improve the medical process. This is my …show more content…

My working experience with Dr. Sure has taught me that to exercise good clinical judgment required extensive study, practice, and endless hours of work. As a pediatrician, I will strive to make every effort to empower and educate my own patients with the knowledge that will give them control over there aliments. With each visit I hope that we can work together for a brighter and healthier tomorrow.

Naturally, my eagerness to learn came about at a very young age. I always wanted to know how the human body worked. Growing up in the age of YouTube, I often poured over countless hours of videos learning simple concepts that I could easily understand at that time. As I grew I was always looking to learn something new. Finally, in high school I took advantage of College Now, a program where students in high school had access to college classes on a college campus while receiving college credits. While I was there, I earned a Certificate in Computer Science from CUNY Queens College. This eagerness to learn came about of a very simple reason. My parents had high aspirations for me since no one on either side of their families had ever gone beyond a high school education. They wanted me to be the first in the family to achieve a Bachelor’s degree. Finally in 2012, I graduated from St. Johns University with a

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