Explaining And Discussing Dante 's Vision Of Hell

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Explaining and Discussing Dante’s Vision of Hell in The Inferno Dante’s explanation of Hell has fascinated many individuals by the way it is explained, and more than likely made many use their mind and overthink it. When readers confront The Inferno, they might be surprised or blown minded by the way Dante explains what he went through. Many people after reading this might have changed their way of thinking of Hell because of Dante’s lecture, or maybe some still thought the same. Not everyone thinks that there is a heaven nor a hell, everyone has different believes depending on their culture and most importantly their religion. Religion is what makes people decide what they believe in and what not to believe in. When Dante passes through the gates of Hell he knew right away it was trouble without a doubt, he explains that there is different levels in Hell depending on what that individual might have done on earth. Virgil is the one who leads Dante into the Gates of Hell, as soon as Dante enters he then hears countless cries from the many souls that lived on earth and lived their lives without being aware of their moral choices. Virgil leads Dante to Acheron, which was a river, and it marks the border of Hell according to the book. Across it there will be many dead souls waiting to be crossed. Charon was an old man who recognizes Dante and tells him to stay away from the dead in Hell but then troubles them no longer. Unexpectedly fire and wind rises up from the…
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