Explanation of Crime

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Name of Course: The Explanation of Crime
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Rational Choice Theory

Table of Contents Section A: 15 marks 3 1. Introduction 3 2. Definition of Rational Choice 3 3. The Six propositions of Rational Choice (Joubert 2009:19-20) 3 3.1 First: Crimes are deliberate acts, committed with the intention of benefiting the offender 3 3.2 Second: Offenders try to make the best decisions they can, given the risks and uncertainty involved 3 3.3 Third: Offender decision-making varies considerably according to the nature of the
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They will decide if committing the crime and being caught is worth the personal gain of the crime. They will sometimes have clouded judgement about crime due to bounded rationality. This recognizes that in the real world, action often has to be taken on the basis of decisions made under less than perfect circumstances. Criminal decision-making is by its very nature, likely to be prone to error because of the constraints under which it often has to operate.
Example: A burglar (that needs money) that burglars someone`s home (For example his previous boss`s house that is situated in a security complex with 24 hour guards) because he hates his boss (He owes him a great deal of money) even though there are much more easier houses to have access too. (Example of student)
3.3 Third: Offender decision-making varies considerably according to the nature of the crime
Offenders make varied decisions based on the type of crime being considered. The offenders` decision-making process is different for each crime. The analysis of decision-making thus needs to be made with reference to specific categories of crime. It is constrained by the time available, by the availability of relevant information and by the offender’s own cognitive abilities.
Example: Hackers took $45 Million in A.T.M. Scheme. Cybercriminals need
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