Exploring Inquiry Based Spatial Sense Activities

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Exploring Inquiry-based Spatial Sense Activities with Students with Moderate to Severe Developmental Disabilities to Improve Number Sense Development
In 1983, President Reagan’s administration released the publication, A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform. Since then, the American educational system has been undergoing an all-encompassing paradigm shift. Subsequently, our political leaders have championed two initiatives, No Child Left Behind and Common Core State Standards. Both are designed to hold school districts and teachers accountable for the education of America’s children. These initiatives are somewhat convoluted, but are in place to ensure that students who graduate our educational institutions are college …show more content…

This will ensure that students are effectively prepared for the rigorous expectations of being college and career ready. As a special education teacher, I have spent the last several years evaluating my teaching methods. In 2013, I returned to college to pursue a Master of Teaching, Learning and Leadership with an emphasis as an Elementary Mathematics Specialist. My primary purpose was to discover pedagogies and philosophies that would address the highly specialized needs of my students. In addition, I wanted to learn how to meet the mandated requirements dictated to all students, even those with severe disabilities, to be ready for life, to critically think, and to problem solve to become productive citizens that are college and career ready.
During my studies I have discovered Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development, Bruner’s Constructivist Theory, and been exposed to a plethora of philosophers and educators. The research and teaching of these leaders promotes and supports the use of socially based, discourse-rich, problem-based learning, where the student is the driver of the construction of knowledge. I have passionately adopted these ideals and employed them when teaching mathematics to students with mild disabilities in a collaborative teaching setting. This school year I have embarked on a new teaching position and am educating first through third grade students with identified developmental delay

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