The Common Core State Standards Program

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Like an epidemic terrorizing the western hemisphere, the Common Core State Standards program has swept across our nation, and at each stop, threatened a new way of thinking and living. These standards were created to ensure that more students graduated from high school with the skills to succeed in college, life, and career, no matter where they might live (About the Standards). In 2009, this fresh new take on education was launched to each state’s educational leaders in the U. S. The state officials each decided whether the implementation of the program was beneficial for them, or if the technique they were currently using was the best option. However, even though state authorities have control of their individual educational standards, …show more content…

In today’s classroom, it is common to see a teacher monotonously lecturing for the entirety of the class—only stopping to mention when something will be on a test and to list the long homework assignments due at the beginning of class the next day. With so much pressure placed upon teacher’s shoulders to teach the material on the test, very few interactive projects take place—making it easier for students to forget what they have learned. “As students put projects together, create crafts, or use familiar materials in new ways, they 're constructing meaning” (Cleaver). If the Common Core program were to revise its standards and create a more interactive classroom, students would benefit immensely and learn more than the provided test material. It is pointless for a student to go to school to learn, if they will soon forget everything they have been taught once completing the test.
Now, with the recent implementation of the Common Core Program, more pressure has fallen on teachers to follow the guidelines with exactness. “Today, teachers are being forced to follow a script. They teach to the tests and fear job loss if they don’t see the expected results. The result of this test giving, job loss fearing style of teaching, is written all over the faces of the little kids caught in the transition” (Hurley). This new and improved “script” holds

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