Exploring The Theoretical Dimensions Of The Tectonic Essay

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Australia is one of the continents over the world. The vast, varied land and the culture in this abundant place has a deep and lasting impact to the architectural design traditions—Tectonic. Tectonic can be regarded as one distinctive characteristic which is relating to building or architectural construction. It also gives ability for people to read a structure, or see how a structure was put together. Among those architects who had used this tradition in their designs, Donovan Hill and Glenn Murcutt, as Australian architectures, have their own style relates to tectonic. For example, Donovan Hill composes different materials and layered against with one another in D House, while Murcutt establishes a harmonious connection to the surrounding landscape and local climate with Magney House.
This assignment will briefly study the theoretical dimensions of the tectonic by indicate the background and the process of development from not only Australia but also the overall world. And after that, the theoretical discourse will be discussed from the works of Donovan Hill and Glenn Murcutt as contributing to the continuance and development of tectonic tradition. During the whole essay, some of the interpretations by critics, writers and historians will be examined as well.

In the essay entitled “Structure, Construction, and Tectonics,” Eduard Sekler defined tectonics in architecture as an observable expression which cannot be explained in terms of structure and construction

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