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My Life in a Jar
Individual Identity: Every year my family tries to take a trip back to China in order to see family. On trip back played a big role in shaping my identity. In the summer of 2012 I had the daunting task of travelling alone China. This consisted of mastering the Chinese phrases needed to guide me along the way and some way of figuring out how to transfer flights. Surprisingly the hardest part was not finding my way it was merely being alone I found that I got very lonely in the long 14 hour trip and I needed to find a way to occupy myself in order to avoid loneliness. The things I learned from being lonely help form my identity. I found that the more I tried to push away the loneliness the more it just came …show more content…

There are also many places in Canada that speak Mandarin, the best example probably being Toronto who have a population in which 11.4% or approximately 208,555 people speak Mandarin.

Individual Identity: I am not a very religious person but the few times that I have practiced Buddhism it has taught me a lot. I believe that Buddhism has helped me develop a desire to obtain wisdom and understanding. Another thing that this religion has helped teach me is to be understanding of other people, understanding the reason for their decision and trying to be mindful and at least understand why they made the decision. However, I believe that I have learned far more for having a more wavering faith than being strictly devoted to one faith. Although Buddha teaches that it is good to lead a moral life, I find myself more often times than not preferring to take the course of action that may not be best for other people but would benefit me the most. I have also learned that taking the ideals of many religions or and combining those works better for me than strictly following one. There are also many ideas about religion that I disagree with such as the afterlife. I personally find the concept of afterlife rather daunting and would gladly accept the alternative of nothingness. Perhaps the greatest thing that religion has given me is something to think about and has shaped my

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