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The Expression of Dance

Cultures use a variety non-verbal communication, some put more emphasis on specific channels, including facial expressions, body language, vocal tone, and eye contact. However, there is one medium that is repeatedly shown high significance, dance. Although they way people move their bodies to rhythm vary, the feelings that seem to be communicated are similar if not the same. Some popular messages include love, intimacy, sexual attraction, companionship, and even sympathy. Some of the simplest ways to observe subliminal messages is by identifying interactions between dancing partners, clothing choices, and dancing style. “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” -Martha Graham

What is the significance of the interaction between dance partners? In it’s most simplest form, dance is purely an announcement that meet other people. Described in Interplay, this is called initiating “the opening stage of all relations, not just romantic ones. Friendships start here, and so do business partnerships.” (Adler, Ronald B) In other words, when you ask someone to dance, it opens the possibility of a new friendship and possibly a connection to other people and more relationships. A study of adolescents in schools put it another way. “Shared social or physical activities can systematically affect the emergence of ties between individuals in a social network.” (Zander, Lysann) It also suggests that meeting people through dance reaches on a deeper level.

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