External Analysis Of Coach : Appendix A, B, And C For A Depth Analysis

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See appendices A, B, and C for an in depth analysis of Coach. APPENDIX A EXTERNAL ANALYSIS Where are the macro environmental condititions? Economic factors- If the economy is strong, people spend more money on luxury items. If unemployment rates are high, less people will be spending money on unnecessary items like luxury handbags and accessories. Sociocultural factors- consumer demographics affect sales in different parts of the world. Sales for luxury outerwear will be lower in areas such as India, due to the fact that saris and other traditional garments are worn. Technological factors- Advancements in technology create the possibility of new products as well as making online sales more easily accessible. This can help coach, as well as other luxury retailers, the ability to increase online sales. Legal factors- Different exporting laws pose as factors for companies to distribute their products as well as tax rates. Environmental factors- The sales of luxury outerwear, footwear, and other items in this industry vary depending on the weather. If it is winter, outerwear purchases should increase. If there are winter storms, distribution of products may be affected as well. Suppliers: -Outsourced manufacturing (toilet paper, store fixtures, utilities) -catalog supplies -employees -registers, paper, raw materials -Medium Power Substitutes: -Online/Catalog retailers -counterfeit products -JCPenney, Target, Macy’s -Low/Medium Power Buyers: -Women -Men -wide age

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