Extremely Useful and Harzard of Stem Cells Essay

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Stem cells are known as cells that are not destined a certain function. Stem cells can reproduce themselves into specialized cells within the tissues and organs of the body. This is implemented through differentiation; made possible with a process in which certain genes make themselves active or inactive in order to "turn into" the certain specialized cell. There are both pluripotent and multipotent stem cells, meaning they can develop into nearly any body cell they desire and can only create a limited amount of cell types, respectively. Stem cells can also either be adult stem cells or embryonic. Embryonic stem cells come from the "inner cell mass" that is found in laboratory-cultured, few days-old embryos. These stem cells are …show more content…

As told in the article by Julie Rovner, "there are already 60 countries in the world that have laws on their books banning human reproductive cloning," however only 15 of the 50 states in the US has actually banned the process. The debate goes on not only within the democracy, but within the republic - Congress has " a draw" over the controversy. This subject not only is a struggle within itself, but it provokes the abortion (pro-life, pro-choice) argument as well; pertaining to when a human life actually starts. The cost of stem cell research is also a large part of the controversy - it's not at all cheap. Laws have been passed restricting funds for the study, giving limitations to researchers and politicians both. The ethical argument is the major drawback for these two groups of people as well, however according to President Obama, "the majority of Americans, from across the political spectrum, and from all backgrounds and beliefs, have come to a consensus that we should pursue this research." I agree with the statement the President made. The pros of stem cell research outweigh the cons, and the potential work that these cells can do; they can essentially erase time and create a newly perfected body's unbelievable. I think that with an increased amount of security and background check along with strict guidelines could really support the

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