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On June 11, 2012 at almost 10 pm, I slipped while running in flip flops trying to reach my boyfriend before his Jeep pulled out of the driveway. As I fell, my ankle bent back snapping, making a loud crack, and causing my leg to be trapped underneath my back. Crying out in pain, I managed to flip myself face down in the wet grass, relieving the pressure on my leg. I screamed for help for what felt like hours before someone inside the house realized I was hurt. My friend’s whole family came outside to try to help, while someone called my boyfriend to come back and take me to the hospital. With the help of 3 people, I managed to stand up and my way to hop to the Jeep as my broken ankle flopped back and forth. Upon arriving at the hospital, I was rushed to the X-ray room to access the damage that had been done. I remember the comment the technician made to my boyfriend after I was sent to a room to wait, “We still need to take her for a CT scan to know the full extent of the damage, but from the looks of the X-ray’s, there is no way those bones are going back together without surgery. The ankle is shattered.” Those words were burned into my head as I was taken for a CT scan and then finally returned to my bed. I remember finally feeling calmer as they put the IV in my arm and injected me full of drugs to help with the immense pain. The doctor came in to tell me that I had a bimalleolar fracture and explained that I multiple fractures on my fibula and my tibia. The only fix would

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