Personal Narrative: Fifth Metatarsal Fracture

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At the age of sixteen towards the end of my sophomore year I suffered a fifth metatarsal fracture. At first I underestimated this injury and saw it as a minor setback and thought I would be ready to return to my sport in no time. One day I was exercising and I went for a light jogging and I stepped on the outside of my foot and felt a pop and warm sensation. I did not think much of it and it kept hurting on each stride. I had the tough guy ignorance in me and continued to exercise which I think made it worse. I got home with my adrenaline drained and my pain skyrocketed, I could barely withstand the my own bodyweight. I woke up the next morning and my foot looked like a white T-shirt stained with grape juice, swollen imitating a potato. I was in pain limping from my room to the restroom and kitchen. I couldn’t even more my pinky toe, it was not pleasant not being able to even put on my sock. The only bright side was not being able to squat and run until death, which I hated. It was not long before I went to the doctors and got an x-ray confirming my foot was broken. The doctor told me I would have to wear a boot and crutches for six weeks. I giggled as I was always curious how it is to be in one of those cool boots. I miscalculated this small crack and chip on the x-ray and figured I will be alright. To be honest, I was relieved since my…show more content…
I was nervous but I kept my cool and tried to stay as low-key as possible. I was partially embarrassed since I never cared what anybody thought of me, but as I walked by I all felt was pairs of eyes all looking towards me. At this point I was considering homeschool, but that’s no fun. I couldn't wait to get home. Spring Football season was just around the corner and I was just in bed patiently waiting for my bone to be filled of calcium from all the milk and orange juice I had been drinking for the past few
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