F-117 Nighthawk Research Papers

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bomber. The F-117 aircraft is blends in with the night and uses its speed and stealth to accomplish missions. The length of the aircraft from nose to rear is 65 feet 11 inches (20 meters), the wingspan is 43 feet 4 inches (13.2 m), and its height is 12 feet 5 inches (3.78 m). The wing area is 780 square feet (73 m²), its empty weight is 29,500 lbs (13,380 kg) and the maximum weight that the aircraft can hold is 52,500 lbs (23,800 kg).The crew size consists of one person being the pilot. The two engines of the F -117 Nighthawk is the General Electric F404–F1D2 turbofan engines with the thrust of 10,500 pound-force each (48 kilo newton each). Its maximum speed is from Mach .8 to Mach 0.9.It’s maximum range is unlimited with as long as there is
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