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F. Scott Fitzgerald's Bernice Bobs Her Hair Works Cited Missing In F.Scott Fizgererald's 'Bernice Bobs Her Hair' there are significant character changes noted throughout this short story. In this essay I will examine the development and representation of Bernice who is a central character. We can observe that her cousin Marjorie changes Bernice's personality from a quiet, passive person to someone full of confidence in society. We will also see how F.Scott Fitzgerald teaches us an important lesson about the insignificance of popularity. When first introduced to Bernice, she appears as wealthy,…show more content…
This is a problem, as Bernice does not know how to adapt to other situations in society. We learn that she longs for female conversation and company, which is " exchanging confidences flavoured with giggles and tears". On the other hand Marjorie was thought of as a wonderful character, full of charisma. One of her admires Warren McIntyre was "crazy about her" (pg 1) and she also "had affairs with other boys"(pg 1). We can see here the contrast between these cousins. Marjorie and her friends consider Bernice as "sorta dopeless"(pg 1), because she can't make witty conversation and doesn't dress fashionably. However, Bernice cannot understand her unpopularity and finally agrees to let Marjorie teach her how to be popular. According to Marjorie's formula for popularity, conversation must be carefully planned in order to surprise and entertain the audience. For conversational purposes, Marjorie suggests that Bernice use the topic of bobbing her hair. In 1920, when the story was written, short hair was a daring new fashion, adopted by only the most risky women. In my opinion Marjorie forces Bernice's change of character, as she is extremely forceful and nasty towards her. Things also come into hand when she overhears Marjorie discuss her with her aunt. Next day she confronts Marjorie, who persuades Bernice to get her hair bobbed in order to become more noticed. Bernice is

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