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FDR: The Greatest President Who was the greatest president of the United States? There have been many great presidents in the history of the U.S. Many presidents have led our country through very trying times. Some people believe Lincoln was the greatest president. However, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt led our country at times when a great leader was needed. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the greatest president of the United States because of his New Deal, his great leadership skills, and his strong and deep connection to the people of the United States. President Roosevelt initiated the only program that could pull the U.S. out of the Great Depression. Roosevelt’s New Deal got the country through one of the worst financial …show more content…

The Social Security act aided many people with government relief. These 2 acts helped to boost the economy. President Roosevelt’s many daring projects proved to pay off in the end because many people regained jobs. Roosevelt’s New Deal basically ended the great depression altogether because of his many government aid projects and employment agencies. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the best commander-in-chief of America also because he was the best leader our country has ever seen. FDR was a calm, brilliant person who made everyone around him believe he knew everything. According to a biography on FDR, “Feeling the future world peace would depend on the relations with America and Russia, he devoted much thought to planning of the United Nations, in which he hoped international difficulties could be settled” (Digger history FDR biography 2). FDR always put the future of his country before anything else and he always knew what would be best, both important traits of great leader. FDR knew that having peace with Russia would be important in preventing future world wars. Roosevelt devoted much time in ensuring that world peace and because there is still no mass world war today, it would seem Roosevelt’s United Nations Plan

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