Fabric Spray Paint Essay

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Fabric Spray Paint and Home Decorating on a Budget
Look around at your home and furnishings. If you had the money, what would you replace right now? What are you tired of looking at? How will you redecorate when you’re on a tight budget?
You might want brand new furniture, but your bank account, savings, or credit tells you it’s not going to happen. What if you could redecorate your home without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars?
When it comes to fabric and upholstery, you can easily fabric spray paint your home décor and create a new look. What in the world can you use fabric spray paint on in your home?
Upholstered Furniture
Whatever sofa, loveseat, chairs, or other upholstered furniture you have in your home can be spray …show more content…

Area Rugs
As long as your area rugs aren’t expensive Persian or vintage rugs, you can spray paint them. Perhaps you have an older fuzzy, white area rug that could use a facelift. You can find your ideal color and spray paint it to match whatever décor you like.
As long as the home décor item you want to paint is fabric, fabric spray paint is the ideal way to improve and rejuvenate your home’s décor.
Choosing Fabric Spray Paint
Choose a fabric spray paint that is fast-drying and will be dry within 72 hours. Other attributes of the fabric spray paint you choose include:
• Fade resistant
• Fume and odor free
• CFC free
• Non-toxic
• Non-hazardous
• Easy to use
• UV protectant
• Fast drying
• Safe to use around children
• Won’t rub off
• Soft to the touch when dry
How to Use Fabric Spray Paint
Fabric spray paint comes in a huge variety of colors from light to dark, with some bright, vivid colors, so you can get creative with your colors, patterns, and designs.
After you’ve chosen your colors, it’s time to do some prep work on your fabrics. Clean and dry the upholstery or fabric you plan to paint so you have a clean ‘canvas’ with which to work.
If you have a good-sized garage, you can do your painting there. Otherwise, it’s smart to put down some tarp in your backyard and take your item to be painted out there. If you have some painter’s cloth, you

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