Face The Complexity Involved For Making Ethical Choices

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“Face the complexity involved in making ethical choices.”
- Linda Fischer Thornton

Identify and discuss the influences (family, culture, religion, etc…) on your personal ethics. Analyze and discuss these influences in relation to one or more classical ethics philosophies (deontology, utilitarianism, etc…). Reflect and comment on the Georgetown Ethos in light of the influences on your personal ethics.

Ethics act as a basis of distinguishing between right and wrong and thus, determine what actions one takes on a daily basis. As individuals, we are confronted with the reality of rules or laws that we personally believe are unjust or immoral. This reality applies to the wider society we are members of, the organisation we work for, and within our personal circles of friendship and family. According to Socrates, ethics - which is the practice of becoming excellent at being human – is always conducted with respect to something (Thornton, 2013). It can be argued that ethics are not inherent due to the differing personal ethics found through the world; a person’s ethics are learned not only from personal experiences but families, friends, and teacher, and we learn right and wrong solely from social conditioning. As we develop however, we sometimes face difficulty in making ethical choices – be it in an educational institution or the work place. This paper will discuss personal ethics, and analyse its impact on decision making in professional, academic and personal

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