Face Update: Video Surveillance

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Ronald Shevchenko
Dr. Bush
19 October 2015
Update: Face Detected Surveillance, whether it be audio or video, helps shape the American security of being aware. It has been a key element of society, especially in the 21st century. It is extremely necessary for video surveillance to flourish and occur within our societal norms, and it should be accepted as such. There is a stigma attached to any form of surveillance, especially by older individuals claiming that it is an invasion of privacy, but this privacy should be voided for sake of protection and security. CCTV, or more commonly known as video surveillance, was first enacted in Germany of 1942. It started out as a monitoring system of V-2 rockets, but it wasn’t until …show more content…

There are many videos with a quick search “man saves other from jumping onto train tracks” on YouTube, that show the heroic acts of others as they rapidly rush to the edge of the train tracks to wave down the train and grab the person from the electrified train tracks on video surveillance. There are constantly officials watching these train stations making sure there is no harm done to any citizen throughout, and they can act fast by sending police officers in from a remote …show more content…

A website by the name of Opentopia: Free Live Streaming Web Cam Views from Around the World, has been established that is able to broadcast multiple video cameras around the whole world, most of them from beachside and commercial offices. This website, of course, is not live and has a major delay to the transmission of surveillance to the website. Some of these cameras don’t broadcast video, just multiple snapshots of pictures throughout the last 24 hours. Nevertheless, video surveillance has a bad rap with skeptics, especially elders due to the stigma attached that the government is watching us. But even if they are, it’s beneficial for your wellbeing that you essentially give up your privacy for the sake of your life. As seen from the reports of unnecessary violence, the victims got justice for the wrongdoings of others due to the video taping that is constantly going on around

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