Facebook : A Network Of Decline

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Facebook: A Network in Decline Facebook has revolutionized the way we communicate. They have created one of the most popular platforms for people to present themselves to the world. Businesses have not been left behind and have created pages to show their personality. Despite Facebook’s popularity, there are signs that it is slowly beginning to lose relevance with the population, especially with the youngest demographic. If Facebook cannot recapture the younger audience, they may never regain their prominent and important role. To really understand Facebook’s popularity, we have to look a bit at its history. Facebook started at Harvard to easily search for and find student and teacher profiles. Harvard has a system of doing profiles for …show more content…

Facebook has followed a similar trend, it initially exploded with popularity, attracting people from all walks of life and all age groups, as Daly comments, “The fastest-growing demographic among Facebook’s 64 million users is those over 25” (Daly 480). It’s been a rapid fall as well, with Business Insider noting that “In late 2012, 42% of teens listed Facebook as the ‘most important,’ … By early 2015 only 14% did so. That 's a 28-point drop” (BI Intelligence). The shift away from Facebook is a trend that hasn’t changed, and without having the younger demographic they will eventually be losing customers the same as MySpace’s decline. The rise of the mobile phones coincides with the decline of Facebook. Multiple mobile phone apps have come out and have shown to be more popular. Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, and Vine have all come out to take their share of the market. The decrease in word count, and the increase in visual media is explained by Digital Solutions, “Another thing I’ve noticed is the increased use of images and videos, and the decreased use of text or words. For example, I seem to check my instagram account more often than my twitter, and even twitter has started to taylor to posting images” (Digital Solutions). Cameras on cell phones have also been increasing in quality, as well, “Another

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