Facebook: A Sociological Evaluation Essay

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This paper will explore the effect Facebook has had on society. By comparing groups today to groups fifty years ago, and by looking at personal experiences, recent political events, and interactive games, I will evaluate how Facebook has affected society’s perception of groups. There is no denying that social networking is an integral part of modern society. We spend all day updating our statuses about the latest episode of True Blood, or liking our friends’ photographs from their recent trips abroad. Our language has evolved to include words like “vlogging” and “tweeting” (which mean video blogging and posting to Twitter, respectively). Our “feeds” are linked to our cell phones, so they become available at the touch of a button. Social …show more content…

All of these types of groups have a tremendous impact on society. Some recent examples of the influence Facebook groups have had on the political world are the revolution in Egypt and the Occupy Wall Street movement currently taking place around the world. In an article on, the impacts of Facebook on the Egyptian revolution are explored. Five anonymous activists in Egypt created a Facebook event for the protests, calling it “The Day of the Revolution Against Torture, Poverty, Corruption and Unemployment.” Many people were skeptical at first, questioning the fact that support was being garnered for the protest by way of a social networking website. However, despite the initial apprehension, the rebellion was successful and president Hosni Mubarak was overthrown (Sutter, 2011). Another political protest that has been largely organized on Facebook is the Occupy Wall Street movement. Jennifer Booton wrote about the effects in an article for FOX Business last November, stating, “Social media helped the Occupy movement spread online instantaneously and to other cities in a matter of days (2011).” Protesters are posting videos to sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion that depict police officers at their worst: blasting peaceful activists with tear gas, beating them with clubs, even shooting at them! These videos have garnered much support for the

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