Facebook Should Not Be Your Demise

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Kevin Willbur van Hartesveldt EN101 T, TH 22 June 2015 Facebook Will Not Be Your Demise Misplaced somewhere in yesteryear; your moments together linger in your mind. You recall your time adoringly, but you refuse even to try. I know you want to find that girl; you have told me once or twice. If you think about what could go wrong, you might just miss out on life. I have been using Facebook for 10 years. I remember when it came out, I was uncertain at first as well, but the speed at which its popularity progressed was like a freight train. You know me; I am always on top of all the latest technology trends. Therefore, it is evident that I would plunge head first into the latest social media trends. Although, it did take me a year to jump on that bandwagon and create my account. I still did it with over 600 friends in my first year. I am up to over 800 now, but I still have room for you. I know you have shown concern with the security of Facebook. I may have scared you off by talking about hacking peoples accounts. I did it for science, by understanding how the real hackers go about it, I can help prevent it from happening to myself or to you. The people I hacked, I gave their accounts back, with some tips for being more secure. My goal is to persuade you into setting up a Facebook account by making you aware of the benefits that you are missing out on, and teaching you how to become part of Facebook without putting all your information out there for the world to find, inform

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