Shane Hipps Is Facebook Killing Our Souls

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“Social media allows people to connect with each other to create and share information. It is people-powered communication, an authentic dialogue motivated by a basic human desire to share information” (CIPD, Social Media and Employee Voice Report 2013). ‘Click’ and my message is on its way to my friend’s Facebook inbox hundred of miles away. The astonishing speed of how quick we can communicate in today’s societies, all thanks to social media. The invention of Facebook simplified everything we know about communication. We can connect to people whenever and wherever, sharing information has never been more convenient and exciting. In Shane Hipps’ Article, “ Is Facebook Killing Our Souls?,” he has no intention to impede technological advancements, instead he wants users to understand technologies with insights. According to my research, although Hipps ' points has some merits, I disagree with him because he overgeneralized the impacts that Facebook and other social media has on users’ behaviors and identities. In the article “Is Facebook Killing Our Souls?,” Shane Hipps insists that he has no enthusiasm for attempting to impede such technological developments; such action would be like attempting to oppose the wind or the tides. Rather, he wants users to comprehend them with insight. Assuming that we learn to wake up and understand, maybe we can make use of technologies instead of being utilize by them. According to Hipps, when we scroll through friends’ updates and posts,

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