Factors Affecting Student Success

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Factors Affecting Student Success in Associate-Degree Nursing Programs
Introduction to the Problem
The rate of academic attrition is an overwhelming concern that many associate degree nursing programs are facing. Undergraduate nursing program attrition rates continue to increase, despite the high demand for student placement in these programs. High attrition rates in nursing students of as much as 50% have been reported by some schools in certain states (Benn & Pacquiao, 2010). Additionally, as much as one-fourth of nursing students across the country are lost through attrition at some point in their program (Seago, 2012). The problem addressed in this Scholarly Project is this high rate of attrition, specifically in the sciences courses, as well as program completion in associate-degree nursing programs. Specifically, the population of focus will be adult students in a community college 2-year associate degree nursing program within the Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education curriculum, which is comprised of fifteen schools.
Background and Context
Those admitted to associate degree nursing (ADN) programs are facing increased rates of attrition and, thus, affecting program completion, during this transitional process. Tinto (2005) attributes higher education attrition to student moving from one social or environmental setting to another in terms of education institutions. For instance, a student may be transitioning from high school to a college or university, or…
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