Factors Affecting the Low Performance in National Achievement Test of Grade 6 Pupils

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Elementary Math Facts Basic Fact Philosophy It is important that students are able to recall basic math facts fluently so that they can attain higher-order math skills. Research has shown that if students develop automaticity with their math facts, they can focus on solving problems rather than the basic facts involved in the task. Mastery of basic facts means that a child can give a quick response (in about 3 seconds) without resorting to non-efficient means, such as counting. All children are able to master the basic facts—including children with learning disabilities. To master their facts, they must be exposed to a variety of strategies and be able to construct efficient mental tools that will help them. Maths is a wonderful…show more content…
In short if could successfully convince the young minds| |of the importance of mathematics to life. | | | |Students of the natural sciences quickly realise the importance of mathematics because the areas of study integrally connected and so | |they grasp its practical importance, unlike their colleagues in the fields of the arts and social sciences. | | | |However, to achieve this objective, teachers of mathematics need not only to be good mathematicians but must also possess good | |pedagogical skills as well because teaching this subject is a special task and not like many of
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