Factors Making America Obese

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There are drive thrus, delivery services, and smart phone apps that make it very convenient to order these foods while staying home and being lazy. Fast food is also an inexpensive alternative to cooking a healthy meal in the control our own home. This moneysaving convenience has caused fast food chains in America to grow at an alarming rate. These fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King, are serving millions of people per day. Fast food chains conventionally serve food that is frozen and precooked, which causes the food to lose some vital nutrients. We are exposed to a constant barrage of advertising from the fast food companies; Burger King’s, “Have it your way,” Wendy’s “It’s way better than fast food,” and McDonald’s, “I ‘m lovin’ it” are all geared toward seducing the consumer to buy their products. Another thing to consider about all of this is the portions that are served. The food industry has taken advantage of people eating out more nowadays and they use marketing tactics to make their particular product more attractive to the consumer. Bigger portions are a way to do it because the consumer gets “more bang for their buck.” Who wouldn’t like to feel like their saving or making their dollar stretch? Some examples are the larger portions of the “supersizing” menu items of fast food restaurants, the larger soft drinks sizes, and the bigger portion sizes in restaurants. Sometimes people need a quick and easy meal, and that’s when fast food

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