Factors That Affect The Water

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Drag is a common force in the universe, and occurs in everyday life especially in water. Mr. Redman states that,” forward is a propelling force; drag is a force that hinders that motion” or is the force acting in opposition to the motion of an object. Parachutes are a great example of this force; when air is trapped in the nylon of a parachute, it creates drag slowing the velocity of the parachutist. Water drag is acted upon swimmers at all times. Hydrodynamics show that materials of the swimmers closely affect drag. Swimmers wear sleek swim caps, shave their body, and wear tightly fitted swimsuits all to reduce friction. Skill level and technique of a swimmer also affect drag resistance. “Water is 800 times denser than air, drag forces …show more content…

Trucks experience air resistance due to their big and boxy frame. Air constantly pushes against the shipping containers. Engineers have found a way to combat such a force by adding large hoods or visors, in which the cab and trailer are connected. The back of the truck is built in a streamlined fashion, like a plane, to completely extinguish swirling air (Parola, 2000). Another example of drag is frictional forces. Trains, for example, use wheels to move along tracks. These wheels encounter friction when stopping. Metal on metal gains immense friction and may become hot. This drag is common among cars and other ground transportation. Engineers have looked to the future to solve this drag. MAGLEV trains are levitating trains that use magnets for propulsion. This way friction drag is eliminated, yet air resistance is still a factor. To cut down on air resistance, MAGLEV trains incorporate aerodynamic principles such as a slim line body to cut through air, that way the force of air is evenly distributed around the body. Drag also occurs in water called, fluid friction or fluid resistance. Boats, ships, subs, whales, dolphin, and swimmers all go through fluid rest incense. Much like air resistance, fluid pushes against the direction in a object is moving. And again much like air resistance, a streamlined body will reduce this drag. Submarines were once built like boats only they were underwater. Until 1953 when the us army proposed a

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