Factors That Increase The Probability That A Parent Or Caregiver Will Abuse A Child

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The Children of Abuse
There are various factors that will increase the probability that a parent or caregiver will abuse a child. These factors are associated with the financial state of the family and the status or age of the parent when they became a parent, “children living with single parents are more likely to live in poverty with fewer social supports, which may contribute to stress and increase risks of maltreatment” (American Psychological Association, 2016), this is also an indicator for perpetrators to skillfully maneuver their caring ways into the child’s life to abuse them. “Infants and young children are also at risk with parents with strained financial statuses, because they are small and need constant care, and are more likely to experience certain forms of maltreatment such as being shaken by parents or caregivers frustrated or overwhelmed by persistent crying. Teenagers, on the other hand, are at greater risk for sexual abuse” (APA, 2016). Dr. Langberg states that 20 to 40 percent of the females, typically beginning at age 6 and 20 percent of males, beginning at the age of 10 who are at risk, will be sexually abused by the age 18 years old (Langberg, 2003). Children in violent homes may be victims of physical or they may be neglected by their parents or caregivers who may be focusing on their partners, which causes an unresponsiveness to the children, ultimately causing forms of neglect. If these children have any physical, emotional or cognitive…
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