Essay on Factors of Development in Adolescent Males

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There are many factors that contribute to determining how a young person will develop into a mature adult. This research paper will discuss three of those factors and how they can negatively affect the development of an adolescent male - sexual or physical abuse, self-esteem, and pubertal timing. By the end it will be clear what influences an adolescent’s mental, emotional and physical health, and what makes a male feel capable of being secure in their own skin.
The world we live in focuses primarily on females who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused as children. However, young males are often overlooked as being victims of sexual abuse. Jozef Wawrzyniec Spychala Spiegel states in the International Journal of Sexual …show more content…

Out of the 17 questions asked, those three showed the greatest statistical difference between groups. Additionally, sexually abused males tended to feel inferior to other males more often and are not as proud to be the men that they have become. So it is evident that sexual abuse leads to low self-worth and confusion about their masculinity as a whole.
The second factor I will discuss is the self-esteem of youth and its affect on their mental health in adolescence. The study I looked at compared boys transitioning from grade school into middle school (ages 12-14) (Bolognini M., and Plancherel, B. 1996, pp. 233). Self-esteem was defined as “a person’s feeling of self-worth.”
The findings showed that between ages 12-14 there is very little change in overall self-esteem of the boys tested (,Bolognini M, 1996, pp. 236). It is apparent that boys compartmentalize their self-esteem. In essence, if they are lacking in one area like sports, they are able to separate that from performance in school and vice versa. Tangentially, they tend to separate the influence of the opinion of their peers from the opinion of parents or adults in their life. Let’s say a young male gets in trouble at home, he may still be able to run out and play with friends with nothing hanging over him. Young males can find their self-worth through one arena of life where they are strong. On the contrary, if a female has

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